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Raccoons – Detection, Treatment, & Trapping

racoon removal

San Antonio is blessed with a lot of nature, and that includes raccoons. Raccoons are interesting little critters. They are generally pictures as nature’s little bandits since they wear that Lone Ranger mask. They also have a ringed tail that kinda reminds me of prison stripes. When it comes to mischief, raccoons can be one […]

Rats and Mice: What’s The Difference?

Jerry T Jitterbug at your service!

It’s coming on to winter San Antonio. Just like you want to cuddle up under a blanket or by a warm fire, so do many of our furry friends. We’ve been noticing a number of people calling with reports of mice or rats in their house, but what strikes us is most people don’t know […]

Roof Rats, Skunks, & Oppossums Oh My!

Jerry T Jitterbug at your service!

This weeks question concerns itself with how to deal with animal control and those wild animals we frequently see here in San Antonio, Texas. This can include trapping and exclusion but we’ll go into detail about how to prevent the problem of invading wild animals in the first place. Hey Jerry, Question. I’ve got a […]

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