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Winterproofing Your House From Critter Invasion

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As we’ve mentioned, there is a LOT you can do to prevent rats and mice from invading your house. Here are a few tips that you can use to winter proof your house from our furry friends. Why else should you worry about winterizing your house from pests? Well, do you have family coming over for […]

3 Reasons Why DIY Stands For Doesn’t Make Sense

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Time, Poisons, and the Environment We freely admit, it’s possible to never use a pest control service or an exterminator, and live bug free. However, there are quite a few reasons why you really should choose to use a pest control service. First off, why do most people choose over the counter pest solutions? Usually, […]

The Difference Between Good & Awesome Pest Service

There are a LOT of really good pest control companies in San Antonio. However, why settle for good when you can be awesome? Am I right? Well, nearly two decades ago, Jitterbug set out to be a really and truly great pest control and services company that didn’t stop until we were awesome. So, we’d […]

How To Spot Pest Infestations

IS THE INSECT REALLY A PROBLEM? One of the biggest misconceptions of bugs and pests is “all bugs are bad.” Somewhere between 80% and 90% of the residents of America are actually insects. Yup, you’re more likely to look like me, Jerry Jitterbug. The thing is, 99% of us are actually harmless to you. Insects […]

San Antonio Flea & Tick Season Warning


Jerry, My dog and rabbit have fleas. Can you treat Garm and Fuller or do I need to go to a vet or do you have a spray that would work? Danyel E. ps, these are my babies and they are pretty miserable this summer. Dear Danyel,   We can do a lot of stuff, but we can’t […]

Apartment Dwellers, Dirty Pest Control Secrets, and Cock Roaches

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Dear Jitterbug Jerry I live in an apartment and have cockroaches but I swear it’s clean. They keep treating but it doesn’t seem to work. Should I still hire a pest control company even though my apartment complex sprays the outside? Dear Amy, Good question. First off, having roaches doesn’t mean that you have a […]

How To Choose A Pest Control Service In San Antonio

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As an accredited member of the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, I check out their site because is such a spectacular resource. After reading some of the wonderful articles posted there, I realized that pest control is confusing topic for some people. Having been in the pest control industry for nearly two decades in the San […]

17 Tips For Homeowners To Help Prevent Pests

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Keep debris from under or around the perimeter of the structure. Keep planter boxes from abutting the structure. Keep wood to ground contact to a minimum. Keep soil, ground cover, mulch, and etc. below slab level. Repair all wood rot. Repair leaky faucets and any continual water source inside and outside the home. Trim tree […]

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