3 Reasons Why DIY Stands For Doesn’t Make Sense

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Time, Poisons, and the Environment

We freely admit, it’s possible to never use a pest control service or an exterminator, and live bug free. However, there are quite a few reasons why you really should choose to use a pest control service. First off, why do most people choose over the counter pest solutions? Usually, the answer to that question is money. Also, people think they can save time. It’s easy enough to grab a can of Bengal or Raid at H-E-B or some roach bait boxes at CVS. However, your best value may end up being contracting a pest control company like Jitterbug, but why?

1) Time

Spraying some spray when you see a roach or dropping some ant bait boxes is quick and easy. However, in order to really get the full benefit of most over the counter pest sprays, you have to spray frequently.

In theory, they are effective up to 6 months. However, the real life of a spray is about 2 weeks or so. Normally, people spray the stuff on their counters or window sills.

Problem is, you wipe your counters. Or maybe I should say, you should wipe your counters to keep them clean.

You also need to use the right chemicals. So you can’t just spray one spray. You’ll need baits, dusts, etc and it takes time to read the directions (please do) and place the chemicals out right. Every two weeks. More often if you really clean your house thoroughly. So, you can see how giving us a call and having us treat your house is actually a time saver in the long run.

2) Proper Use Of Chemicals

Another thing to consider is the proper use of chemicals. As we mention above, the life of over the counter chemicals is small compared to the professional grade treatments we use.

Frankly, this is for safety’s sake. People rarely use grocery store bug sprays properly, so giving civilians our grade of treatments would be dangerous. Different surfaces and pests require different chemicals.

Using the wrong application is worse than doing nothing at all since you’re just spreading poison everywhere. That’s not healthy. Not all bugs are genuinely pests. Sometimes, you need to make sure you allow some critters to live while others present a real danger.

Jitterbug Pest Service can help you realize which are which. We are experts in knowing which chemicals to use and the right places and times to use them.

3) Better For The Environment

This comes back to the minimum use of the right chemicals, at the right place, and at the right time. The less chemicals we spray around, the better. The DYI approach does have you spraying frequently and more randomly than really should be done. 

So given the value of your time, and using the proper chemicals in the right place and the right time, you can see why calling Jitterbug is a good idea. Give us a call today! 

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