The Difference Between Good & Awesome Pest Service

There are a LOT of really good pest control companies in San Antonio. However, why settle for good when you can be awesome? Am I right? Well, nearly two decades ago, Jitterbug set out to be a really and truly great pest control and services company that didn’t stop until we were awesome. So, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about how we do things different, and why it’s the little things that set us apart.

Numbers Game

As we mentioned in a previous article the exterminator trade has a lot of dirty little secrets. One of those secrets we’ll reveal now, is, wait for it, NUMBERS. Yes, like a lot of the service industry, killing ants wasps and trapping raccoons is very much a numbers game. To say that pest control is price sensitive is an understatement. Frankly, most consumers look at the bottom line cost and are done with it. People think we’re all the same, but that is a mistake.

So, in that case, pest control companies cut their costs as thin as they humanly can. One of the first areas they cut is the chemicals. They will use the proper chemicals but they will strongly dilute it. What you end up getting is something that is stronger than the over the counter stuff but not really enough to do what you need it to do. Frankly, we’d rather have a really happy customer that doesn’t call us back out to retreat their property since our treatments aren’t working.

Time, Communication, and Needs

One of the other huge numbers that a lot of pest control companies worry about is time. Since pest service is a numbers game, the less time they spend with a customer, the better. Well, better for them. They’re free to go and somewhat treat someone else’s house. Jitterbug is ver different. Our techs don’t just show up, spray, and leave. In fact, we encourage our technicians to get to know their customers. It’s far from uncommon for us to talk for 20-30 minutes with clients about bugs. But why would we want to spend 20 minutes talking about pests?

Why We Talk To Our Customers

Instead of just having a line item on an invoice that says “ants”, we want to find out where you saw ants. We work hard to figure out exactly which kind of ants they are since different ants have different things. Oh, that odd sound you heard in the attic? We’ll check it out to see if it’s raccoons, feral cats, or maybe mice and treat for them. You have dogs? We’ll make sure to spray the yard and hot areas to make sure we help keep the flea and tick population in check.

The Little Things – Pretty yellow brooms, weep holes, and attic rentals

How clean are their yellow brooms? Most exterminators have yellow brooms. Those brooms are usually used to sweep away wasp nests amongst other things. What blows us away is how clean they are usually which means they aren’t going that extra mile to get every possible pest. We use ours. In fact, ours are usually really grody and dirty. You want to see that since it means that the person doing your pest control cares to take the extra time to get the mud daubers, wasps, and other pests in check.

Weep holes left alone – You know those little weep holes at the base of your house? Well, they are a necessary evil. However, for ants and scorpions they are wonder homes. Most pest control places will just spray your walls with a broad spectrum spray and be done with it. Technically, that’s all that is required. Spray up to the 3 ft level and call it a day. We prefer to go as high as reasonable with our sprays. Sure it uses more chemicals and takes more time but it does the job better. Also, we go to every weep hole and squirt a granular dust into them. Most places spray them but that only does the job half way. By going the extra mile and using dust, it expands and helps stick to the walls and ceiling of those scorpion houses that are weep holes. That means more dead pests.

Flowers in the attic – Ok, so think more ants and roaches and not flowers. We apply a broad spectrum treatment in your attic since insulation can be the perfect nesting ground for all kinds of critters. Ants and roaches view your attic as a sort of Bug Autobahn. Feral cats, raccoons, squirrels, mice, and rats all look at your attic as a safe comfy place to raise a family. We check to make sure that you don’t have any critters living rent free in the attic before we leave.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of how we do business and why we are different from the other guys. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email us at tweet us @JerryJitterbug or visit us at on Facebook. If you would like to get some awesome pest service, call us today at (210) 653-9700

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