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My dog and rabbit have fleas. Can you treat Garm and Fuller or do I need to go to a vet or do you have a spray that would work?
Danyel E.

ps, these are my babies and they are pretty miserable this summer.


Garm & Fuller Enderle of Leon Valley

Dear Danyel,
We can do a lot of stuff, but we can’t do pets. No, we don’t treat dogs and cats. That is best left up to pet pros. However, we can really help prevent them coming back and bothering everyone, pet and human alike
Jerry T Jitterbug


Why a pest control service can really help during flea and tick season…

Summer in San Antonio and Leon Valley where you live means flea and tick season. If you have a pet you love, you are familiar with the heartbreak of flea and tick season. Fleas and ticks don’t just mean itching, they present a threat to the health of you animals and family both.


So you may ask, why do fleas and ticks present a hazard? It’s just a little itching right?




Courtesy of the University of Minnesota


Are fleas and ticks really harmful?

With just plain fleas, your pets will understandably scratch themselves. The flea is busy eating blood. In fact, they can bite upwards of 400 times before they are full. That’s a lot of bites.


Yes, fleas carry diseases but the real damage comes from the scratching. Animals scratch their bites, the bites become infected, and they suffer. Ticks are understandably notorious for carrying diseases. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, Colorado tick fever, and a whole bunch more.


BTW, some flea species also munch on humans. Just sayin’ as my kids would say.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

What times of the year is flea and tick season in San Antonio?

So just when is flea and tick season? If you are new to San Antonio, it’s practically year round. However, the worst months are between May and Winter. If you are new to San Antonio, “winter” may not be when you expect it. To be honest, it can go all the way to November.


How to detect fleas:

Usually, you will see your pets scratching, that’s a pretty obvious sign. However, it may also be dry skin. In fact, a fair number of dogs aren’t allergic to flea saliva (what causes their itch) so they may not scratch.


Give them a good pet and see if they have any “dirt” that looks more like really fine black pepper. Another trick for detecting more serious flea problems is to place a white sheet on the floor, wait a little bit, and see if any tiny black bug start jumping on the sheet.


What is special about San Antonio

The warm humid climate we have in San Antonio not only means plenty of fun in the sun, but also the perfect environment for fleas and ticks to thrive. Since we have such gorgeously moderate winters, the cold that normally kills a lot of the fleas and ticks doesn’t happen.


The pretty green woods and pastureland all around Bexar County also provide a really great spot for fleas and ticks to breed. That’s the irony of fleas and ticks: the same stuff that we love about San Antonio, they do as well!


Why flea collars aren’t enough

I was reading a neat article from the University of Minnesota that was really interesting. (Yes, I do find articles like this pretty interesting) They have a great point in that you have to take an integrated approach to solving your flea problem.


For killing the fleas and ticks on your pet, talk to you vet. The problem is, you can have a pet on some great medicine or a treatment program that kills the fleas on your pet, but if you don’t treat your house, you’re missing a lot of the problem.


Inside Tips : there are some great things you can do for free, to help solve the flea problem


    • Vacuum all carpets
    • Throw away your vacuum bags right after you use them (hint: the fleas can/do climb out of the bag)
    • Stick the thrown away vacuum bag either in a plastic bag that is sealed or freeze them for a few days
    • Wash any and all pet bedding
    • For serious problems, you may need to steam clean the carpets
    • Vacuum any furniture that the animals may possibly use


So, why the vacuuming? You aren’t vacuuming the fleas as much as you are vacuuming their poop. Young fleas actually eat the flea droppings when they are really young. Vacuuming robs them of their food source and doesn’t give them a chance to grow big enough to go after you or your pets. Of course, it really helps to have a trusted and reliable pest control service treat your house with the proper safe chemicals.

Outside Tips : You may not realize it but fleas and ticks love the outdoors because of all the different kinds of critters hanging out around your house. While you can’t treat all those animals, you can strive to kill the fleas and ticks on the ground.


By taking a multi-pronged approach, you can ensure that you and your pest stay free of fleas and ticks.

Cost of treatment

Does it cost an arm and a leg to have a highly trained, fully licesned and insured pest control company come out and get rid of those pesky critters? Not at all. We do offer some very valuable coupons on our site.


Give us a call today and mention that you read our blog and we’ll come get you fixed up right away!
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