How To Spot Pest Infestations


One of the biggest misconceptions of bugs and pests is “all bugs are bad.” Somewhere between 80% and 90% of the residents of America are actually insects. Yup, you’re more likely to look like me, Jerry Jitterbug. The thing is, 99% of us are actually harmless to you. Insects are just trying to do what insects do. However, your home is usually your biggest investment so you want to keep it safe.

The most common insects we see in San Antonio are ants, roaches, rodents, spiders, fleas & ticks, and termites.


We recommend you do a 365 degree inspection. There have been many books written about how to inspect for bugs, so we’ll just cover some of the basics.


* Ants – A few different species of ants mess with San Antonio. A lot of people know about Carpenter ants. They don’t actually eat the wood but do tunnel through it like champs to get at food. They usually are nocturnal. You can tell they are there by little bits of “frass” which is wood dust and feces. Otherwise, there are a LOT of variations you need to consider. Check out our ant specific pages here for more information

ant control

* Roaches – Also usually nocturnal, for every roach you do see you can count on dozens of his relatives being there that you don’t see. Roaches can be spotted by their droppings which seem like a dark grainy material.


* Rodents – Mice, raccoons, roof rats, and squirrels are our big three. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. So don’t expect to see a hole like in Tom and Jerry. Look for gaps in baseboards, holes or odd gaps inside cabinets, and food being gnawed. Roof rats and squirrels get in through dryer vents, soffit vents, and other holes we have on our roofs.

racoon removal

* Spiders – Spiders get a bad rap. They are actually very helpful since they are nature’s pest control. However, Texas in general and San Antonio for sure has the Brown Recluse spider.

spider removal

* Fleas and Ticks – In San Antonio, the flea season gets cranking. You know that there are fleas and ticks when either you or you pets start itching.


* Termites – Little bits of dust near baseboards, flaky boards that reveal what looks like tunnels underneath the surface.


Yes, plain and simple. However, a few ounces of prevention is very much worth a pound of cure.

Termite infestation, once it hits your home, effects the value of your home from then on out. So, doing a regular preventative surface can be well worth your time and effort. Carpenter ants can also ruin the wood and structure of your home as well as be annoying. Razberry, crazy, and sugar ants all are incredible potentially biting annoyances. Roaches, well roaches get into everyone’s home but they are dirty.

Insects and critters can carry disease and other pathogens. They can also destroy the investment you made in your home. But what can you do?

Easy, give a call to a professional pest control service. Jitterbug Pest Service was born and bred right here in San Antonio and can take care of any questions, comments, or concerns that you have.

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