Winterproofing Your House From Critter Invasion

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As we’ve mentioned, there is a LOT you can do to prevent rats and mice from invading your house. Here are a few tips that you can use to winter proof your house from our furry friends. Why else should you worry about winterizing your house from pests? Well, do you have family coming over for the holidays? Exactly.


Animals need warmth, so the vents for your dryer as well as the flues on your chimney are very inviting places to come in and rest or even build a nest. For dryer vents, make sure you have a slatted cover that only opens when the air is blowing out. Those are inexpensive and can be purchased at any home repair place.


Pests, like any living thing, need water. So, making sure you don’t have any leaks or standing water is really important. So, things like gutters are a great idea. If you are really water conscious and have a rain barrel, make sure it is sealed nice and tight. Also, check under your sink for drips. Little things like that are really great sources of water for bugs. Last but not least, sealing your windows and doors well keeps moisture and heat where they need to be, not on your windows or walls. This is also a huge budget saver when it comes to your heating bills.


Bugs need to eat so make sure that everything is sealed up nice and tight. I can’t tell you how often my weevil cousins have been able to take up residence in flour bags that were left to sit in a cabinet. Pet food is another great place for my critter friends to get a dinner. A lot of people just place the bag in their garage never giving it a second thought. We critters can smell that food and are attracted to it. Not just roaches and ants but also raccoons etc. Make sure you store it in a container. Pet stores as well as home DIY stores sell great critter proof containers. It may seem gross but plenty of roaches and ants get into cereal boxes so actually putting your cereal in a sealed container helps keep it crisp.

Cracks & Crevices

Even tiny cracks and crevices are wide open doors to let pests in. Coincidentally, they are also great ways to let the heat out. So, sealing all the cracks and crevices around your house is a double budget helper in that you keep pests from getting in and you keep heat from getting out. You can have a pest control pro like Jitterbug check and seal all those cracks and crevices for you but you can also get things to seal off weep holes safely from DIY stores.


Fireplaces are great in the winter but the firewood it needs can be a real source of problems. A ton of different bugs just love living in your wood pile. Our furry friends are also really loving that woodstack as well. So, a really great way of securing that woodstack is keeping it a few feet off the ground and don’t leave it leaning against your house. Even the best stacks are still vacation spots for termites. That’s another really good reason why you don’t want that stack against your house.

Leave It To The Professionals

Scheduling regular pest control is one of the best things that you can do to insure your house is very well taken care of this winter. Why do it yourself when you can have the trained professionals of Jitterbug Pest Service do it for you? There is probably a game on, we don’t want to interupt that now do we?
As always, we hope our tips help you keep your house not only toasty but pest free this winter. For more help and information, please call us today at 210-653-9700.

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