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How To Spot Pest Infestations

IS THE INSECT REALLY A PROBLEM? One of the biggest misconceptions of bugs and pests is “all bugs are bad.” Somewhere between 80% and 90% of the residents of America are actually insects. Yup, you’re more likely to look like me, Jerry Jitterbug. The thing is, 99% of us are actually harmless to you. Insects […]

17 Tips For Homeowners To Help Prevent Pests

Jerry T Jitterbug at your service!

Keep debris from under or around the perimeter of the structure. Keep planter boxes from abutting the structure. Keep wood to ground contact to a minimum. Keep soil, ground cover, mulch, and etc. below slab level. Repair all wood rot. Repair leaky faucets and any continual water source inside and outside the home. Trim tree […]

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