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How To Spot Pest Infestations

IS THE INSECT REALLY A PROBLEM? One of the biggest misconceptions of bugs and pests is “all bugs are bad.” Somewhere between 80% and 90% of the residents of America are actually insects. Yup, you’re more likely to look like me, Jerry Jitterbug. The thing is, 99% of us are actually harmless to you. Insects […]

Roof Rats, Skunks, & Oppossums Oh My!

Jerry T Jitterbug at your service!

This weeks question concerns itself with how to deal with animal control and those wild animals we frequently see here in San Antonio, Texas. This can include trapping and exclusion but we’ll go into detail about how to prevent the problem of invading wild animals in the first place. Hey Jerry, Question. I’ve got a […]

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