WDI Reports

Wood Destroying Insect Report or SPCS / T-4:

There are several purposes of a wood destroying insect report also known as SPCS /T-4..

  • Lenders often require them in order to protect their investment.
  • Buyers use them in order to determine if the home they are thinking of buying contain wood destroying insects.
  • The actual inspection is performed by a certified applicator or a technician licensed in the termite control category.
  • Specialized training is required to become a licensed certified applicator.
  • A wood destroying report form is regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Structural Pest Control Service.
  • If a certified applicator takes less than 45 minutes to inspect the home and fill out the report, they are probably not very thorough.
  • Not all inspections are created equal.  Ask questions when hiring a inspector.
  • At Jitter Bug Pest Control we are careful, thorough, and professional.
  • There are areas of every property that can be obstructed or inaccessible that even the most thorough inspection won’t reveal  termite activity.
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